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rev·er·ie (noun):

  1. a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream.
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Nice to meet you. 😊

I help creatives live more fulfilling and authentic lives through bullet journaling and data analytics. These encompass both sides of being a creative professional– the beauty and the business.

Your ability to make meaningful art and to run or work in an organization is a finite resource. There will be days when either activity seems like it’s the monster under your bed. At The Reverie Project, you are treated like a human being; a wonderful, passionate, driven, imperfect, incomplete masterpiece that has immense potential to learn and grow.

I will praise you in your successes and teach you through your learning experiences so that you can bloom where you’re planted and get stronger every season. 🌱

Katie has a great energy that really relates to our very human experiences. She takes these aspects of every day life and introduces an idea on how to put them on paper to help us organize our thoughts, and in turn, be more mindful.

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Peggy Dean | The Pigeon Letters

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