Patient Glimpses of a Perfect Life


it won’t be like you picture it.


your life will be more beautiful
and more horrific than you ever imagined.


Oddly enough, it seems that’s what makes life more valuable.


My grandmother was a strong-willed, independent, resourceful, and genuinely joyful person. She passed away in October, and I never could have imagined the toll losing somebody close to me would take and how truly transformative the grieving process would be. Sure, intellectually, I know that everyone I know, including me, will die. As the saying goes, you never know how something feels until it happens to you.


(side note- this post is not supposed to be a downer– stay with me here!)


In this process, I have learned to hold on tight to the already close relationship I have with my family even tighter. Compiling the photos for my Grandmother’s memorial video gave me insight into why my mother always wants to take so many pictures. It’s also taught me that I’ve been living my life too small. I’ve been so afraid to make a scene or to cause any sort of ripple that I’ve trapped myself in my own box of zero permissions. What that means for me now is that I am going to allow myself to feel things– really feel them! We are not meant to live mediocre lives, guys!! This world is so big and so rich and so full and we are doing a disservice to every single person in our lives (especially ourselves) by not wanting to feel too much.
We can’t always choose when unpleasant or even downright traumatic things happen to us, but we can choose to feel gratitude in everything we can.

Like most people in the Personal Development™ sphere, I am very aware of things I want to achieve in my life. Dream, do, repeat, amirite?

We can often feel discouraged when we’re not ‘there’ yet. Here’s the thing: we might achieve some stuff, but as long as we’re doing that, we’re gonna keep dreaming bigger, so we’ll never get ‘there’.

But y’know what we will get? Small glimpses.

Your small glimpse might be like one I had recently:

I took myself out to a local ice cream shop that has delicious vegan ice cream. I was wearing a nice outfit that made me feel special and important. I only got one scoop, because I’m all about that #treatyoself and that #achieveyoweightlossgoals life, but it was absolutely luxurious. I was the only childless customer in the restaurant, so I obviously stuck out, but I wasn’t worried about that. Light was pouring through the windows, breath was in my lungs, and for that half hour that I was there, my life was perfect.

On your way to reaching your goals, make sure to stop along the way and feel truly grateful for those small glimpses into your “ideal”/”perfect” life. Our moments make up our days and our days make up our lives. Yet what is any ocean but a multitude of drops?


See you soon, friends.

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  1. Katie

    Hey friends! Have you ever experienced a glimpse into your “perfect” life? Let me know down here by posting a comment. I look forward to reading them!

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    May 12, 2018 at 2:59 pm Reply
  2. Make a more new posts please 🙂

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