It's nice to meet you.
Hi! My name is
Katie Kindred.

I’m a creative.

I grew up doing Theatre and Choir. I love making things with my hands and performing for other people. I crave beautiful things that make me feel all of the emotions.

I’m a professional.

I grew up with a special place in my heart for Microsoft Office. I love getting into the nitty-gritty and practical side of things. I crave productivity tips that help me do things I care about.

I’m a creative professional.

I grew up anticipating school supply shopping season. I love using conditional formatting to make my spreadsheets colorful and functional. I crave new ways to better visualize and explain data.


All of my designs are created and crafted by hand in my small office. Every sticker set is printed and cut in-house with love.


I care about our planet. That’s why I use recycled materials and minimal packaging. I take any action I can to reduce waste and make sustainable choices within my business.